Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Impossible Code Decipher 2 is out!

Go check out the much anticipated sequel to Impossible Code Decipher in the android market :


  1. Can you please give me hint on level 2?

    The code is /*-^=+.#$ and the hint is "I feel 'special'.

    Thank you.

  2. Level 9 need more hints!
    I know it's the numpad and I've tried every possible word.
    The code is 0.123456+789/*-
    Hint is: located where?
    Please help!

  3. level 8 pls give me more hint..
    code: qetuo[\
    hint: keyboard
    the hint is too common

  4. Level 8, what do you do if you only type qetuo[\ on a keyboard's top row?

    Now I need help with the numbers and math symbols for level 9.
    Hint: where is it.
    I've tried calculator, adding machine, right, keyboard.

    1. I see the pattern for level 8, but I'm not understanding what the actual answer is. if you type qetuo[ you would be hitting every other key?...but what is the answer it's looking for? I can't figure it out.

  5. Hi,
    I have finished the game (or so I believe).
    If anyone is struggling, here is the link for some additional help and the answers:

    Good luck!